Victoria Gallery, Iasi, september 2019


Dana Gallery, Iasi, september 2016

Golden Leaf

Tonitza Gallery, Iasi, march 2017

Claudiu Ciobanu

Claudiu Ciobanu belongs to the new generation of young artists in Iasi, who gives new meaning and tries to re-enhance contemporary painting. Born on the 8th of June 1984 in Barlad, the artist has graduated the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design UNAGE in Iasi, under BA and MA degree program, being present on numerous national and European exhibition.

In his most recent creative work, as duly exhibited in “Victoria” Gallery in Iasi back in 2019, while being constantly concerned with his works, Claudiu Ciobanu goes back to that color – state by re-contextualizing not only images, but also the whole concept and accumulations, each being settled down by his previous exhibitions, and such facts have revealed the ‘illuminate moments”, the ‘intimacy’, `self – discovering and ascension’ (`Logos` exhibition in `Dana` Gallery) or they have exposed the `gilded` shallowness (`Golden Leaf` in `N. Tonitza’ Gallery).

Ciobanu’s paintings bears the mark of his own experiences, approaching themes as memory, space, time, imaginary realities, all these centered on self-reflection and introspection. His research is not first and foremost for the emotion brought by his work, but for the blinding light of truth and he attempt to reach the final merger, that almost impossible synthesis in-between metaphysics and art.